Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am thinking I may want to try one of these projects! Snow flakes in my house would be so nice! here and here
My weekend goals:
Finish Christmas decorating
Take our Christmas card photo (I have ideas I just hope I can make them realities)
Watch a movie (preferably a Christmas one. I told you, I am feeling festive)
make a Christmas playlist
Meet a girlfriend for coffee

Have a wonderful weekend!
love, Emma


Amanda Nicole said...

Simply gorgeous. I just watched the Garfield Christmas Special the other day, an oldie but a goodie ;)

tori said...

those snowflakes are so cute! sounds like you're in for a fabulously festive weekend. so jealous! :D

Light and Writing said...

I love those old Christmas time cartoons!!!

Penny said...

So pretty and delicate.

Karolina said...

these snwo flakes look so pretty, I wanted to make sth like this but decided on butterflies in the end :)