Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who Says we can't Dance like Rock Stars?

I sometimes feel very nostagic for the days when I was in college and I felt free. I dream of the days when I rolled out of bed to go to class with my hair in a ponytail, naps before dinner, chatting with girlfriends in my pajamas at noon, finding a 24 hour grocery to buy chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream at 2 in the morning on cram nights with the ladies, or just a silly night in with us all dancing on the furniture being silly. Now I'm expected to be an adult woman with responsibilities and sometimes I just feel sad about the girlish, carefree days long lost. Then I saw these videos on Rockstar Diaries. They inspired me! I actually teared up! I realized I can still have fun and be silly. I can I can dance in the streets if I wanted to!

This last one is when the tears came on. Yes I am a dork. But really check out Naomi and "Husband" and all their fun and everyday adventures in NYC. She is absolutely adorable! And remember, no matter how old you are or what grown up responsibilities you have you should always dance. Especially when you come across cool vans on the side of the road! Hope you night is filled with silliness and laughter!


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