Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dancing in Maine with Ice Cream on a Horse

I was tagged by the sweet Paprikas Perch (that chicken is completely cute!) to tell 8 little random facts about myself. And then tag 8 others. So here I go...

1}I love ice cream. Any form. Regular, milkshake, ice cream pie, sandwich, a la mode, if its got some ice cream on it I love it!

2}I love dancing. And have always regretted not getting formal training.

3}I have always had horses around me. I have been to many shows and adore getting down and dirty around the barn. I feel slightly lost without that right now.

4}I have been sky-diving. And although it made me slightly queasy for the rest of the day, it was amazing!

5}Maine is my favorite state. So magical.

6}I love bottles and jars. For what, I never know. But I must have them when I see them.

7}I sit and sleep all curled up. Even at my desk at work. I have to tell myself to uncurl now and then. Just comfy I guess.

8}Alice in Wonderland, although fantastic, has always frightened me a bit. I mean come on, falling into a world you can't get out of, the MADhatter, "Off with her head!", a bottle of poison. Scary!

I now tag
La Belle Savage
JMS (on one of her blogs hehe)
Working On It
Posh Momma
The Little Brown Wren
Cloud Nine Creations
Counting Dandelions

I wish I could tag more! I am so interested in what a lot of bloggers will share. Maybe I will just have to randomly tag one day! ♥em


Hollymark said...

I do the curling up thing! lol

Karrie said...

I totally agree about the disney them but, some of them, well...
I will tell Paprika (chicken in the picture) about your kind words about her. She LOVES the attention!!

Julie said...

Yay! I actually did one recently but then thought of other things I could have added later.

o'reilly ink said...

I feel lost without horses too :(

JMS said...

RE: #7

I sit curled up, too. All the time. At the office, at home, on the bed (I sleep curled up in the fetal position)...

It's just comfy!

Until my knees start to protest, and remind me that stretching every now and again is a good thing!


PS: I have scheduled my "TAG" to post tomorrow! This was fun! :)

devonrose said...

I have a thing for bottles and jars too..also teeny tiny pill boxs. BTW, thanks for visiting Devon and I, your blog is beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking. I'm glad to share. Love your blog, by the way.
Best, Melissa

o'reilly ink said...

Once when I was 7, I had a fever so bad I was hallucinating, and I had been watching Alice in Wonderland non-stop. So, yeah, I hallucinated the characters-it was terrifiying.