Thursday, January 8, 2009

Family Photo Album

I decided to finally post pictures from my short trip to Florida after Christmas. It was my grandparents (on my dads side) 60th anniversary! Amazing! And I have not seen some of this family in so long. It was wonderful and the weather was amazing. From top to bottom: my mama mia on the amazing balcony of the room my family stayed in (i love hanging with my mom), my daddio (a little guy I know, but a beautifully big heart that melts me), my brother and cousins walking to the beach, palm trees and open sky, my gramma Mary (she is not a fan of picture posing, isn't she adorable), the beach was so nice and this man was meditating with birds stopping to watch

And while I'm at it... These are some wonderful pictures that I received from family members to create a video slide show (like the one in the side bar) for my grandparents. It turned out amazing (and as soon as I can remember my user name and password to get to my you tube account (don't know what happened, i can not get to my old account, it just takes me to a new one, so frustrating!) I will upload). The 2nd to last is actually my dad when he lived in Spain and the last is a beautiful photograph I restored of my moms precious parents!

Thanks so much for looking back with me. Do you have amazing old photographs of family? I would love to see. Leave a comment and a link. Talk to you soon. ♥em
p.s. just watched my video that I have literally watched probably 100 times and I just discovered that I spelled believe wrong in the first frame! How embarrassing! My family watched this, I am going to get them for not telling me! Well looks like I'll be putting two new videos up.

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