Saturday, January 31, 2009


Jenny Zarins. A photographer. She tells stories.

This embrace. Sigh.♥

These completely fabulous geeky chic
glasses. (Lets be honest though, this
girl pulls them off very well)

This Giraffe drawing by ALPS.

This Balloon Dress from Built by Wendy.
Hello! It's covered in cute balloons!

These perfect cards by Hello Lucky
found on Orange and Pear. I could
just pour on some honey and eat
them right up!

And I never did share my find from my antique shopping adventure last Saturday. Although, it turned out to be not much of an adventure, I did find something that I have needed for a long time now. First some back story: My beautiful grandmother Charlotte {who is no longer with us} gave my sister and I a new addition to a full silverware set each birthday and Christmas for as long as I can recall. We were both given a pattern when we were very young and it all started with spoons, then forks, and on to knives. My pattern is very simple and sweet and I adore them. But they have sat in a draw without proper storage. Sooo.... back to Saturday: I found this very simple but fun silverware box. It was very inexpensive and had this fantastic teal blue lining! So here it is. Have a beautiful Saturday!


Penny said...

Found your blog through Etsy. Lovely! I marked myself as a follower.

Annabelle said...

Oh I want those glasses! Beautiful post :-)

Anonymous said...

great photographer find! so sorry about your grandmother...those cards are amazing too! i might have to look into buying so for myself!

tigermilk said...

this is such a feel-good blog. its similar to frozen lemonade and the song "my girl"...