Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Reads

I just finished reading Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. It is told from a young island girls perspective during a time of war on her native land. The only white man that has remained on the Island has decided to teach Matilda and the other children although he has no formal training as a teacher. What he does for the children, in my opinion, is much more helpful in the childrens survival. He reads from the classic Great Expectations and many of the children including Matilda are enthralled and their imaginations ignited while in the mist of danger. This book does take a turn towards the end that just tore my heart in two. A touching little book although not one of my favorites I am thankful to have read it!I am now onto The Zookeepers Wife by Diane Ackerman. So far so good. I can not resist picking up any book that deals with War World II! Diane has a very wonderful descriptive way of writing that easily brings the scenes and characters to mind. Looking forward to the other half and telling you all about it!



spread your wings said...

speaking of good books. I've been wanting to read The ZooKeepers Wife. Are you enjoying it so far?

Light and Wiritng said...

Yes! It actually is turning out to be quite historical, taking pieces of the main characters diary and weaving it into her story as well as explanations and historical background of different events (but not in a "yawn this is taking forever to get to the good stuff" kind of way. Nicely blended. We'll see how it ends.