Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Hope for Love

"I would like my picture taken so that I can give it to the boy that sits next to me."

This was said to me by a woman suffering from Alzheimers'. I can only hope that on this day she was not suffering but dreaming of love, a first love. She felt new and fresh and full of hope for a love between a boy and a girl. This I hope!

by Rodney Smith

The picture holds the source!


TexNan said...

What a lovely post. I too hope she was dreaming of love. whether it was new or an old one remembered as new. And what a lovely person you must be. Hope you took the picture.

judÄ— said...

beautiful photos and thoughts and emotions here.. Love reading your blogs. I love those photos, too. They make me remember ...

Anonymous said...

this is so cute. i love the quote, it made my heart melt. i might use it, actually for a future post. i don't know...i'm trying to do all my posts ahead of time and i keep coming up with all these different ideas so i have so many unfinished posts that are sitting in my saved posts folder.

Light and Writing said...

Thanks so much for all of your kind words!