Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I forgot to share my jubilation from Sunday night! I just adore Kate Winslet and I was so happy when they called her name at the Oscars for Best Feamale Actress! She deserves it. She just brings so much passion to her roles. Ever since Titanic I have been hooked. And Revolutionary Road was just fantastic and breathtaking! Although I haven't seen The Reader (which is the movie that she was nominated for), it looks super good and I can't wait! BUT, first I am going to read the book! Have an exceptional Hump Day Everyone! ♥Emma


Flor Larios Art said...

Yes...I like her too.
Your blog is full of beautiful things...full of art...
I enjoyed it very much. Great blog!

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jules said...

oh she is my favorite.

Onetrickp0ny said...

The reader is a wonderful book.

Google said...

Oh! Kate Winslet is my fav! I too, was thrilled when she won!!

ps Thanks for your comments on Olivet!! :)

vintageveggie said...

i greatly share in your love of this wonderful woman.