Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Whole Heart!

Oh Heart!
Some Etsy love inspired by that beating muscle that never ceases to amaze.
Have some hearts to hang on your wall! by nea wear
anatomical heart card by Pretty Messes!
Pink and hearts! Postcard by A View To (i. klee)
a golden heart on a chain and a locket to boot! Who other than nea wear!
Sweet Smitten flat card by Stacey Winters, perfect for a love note!
Stone hearts to help count the ways from Rae Dunn.

a precious tiny heart ring by Cherry Creek.

Little Heart pendents beautifully made by Jennifer Morris Beads and Jewelery. Such detail!


Cloud Nine Creations said...

These are gorgeous selections!

ABCDErica said...

Just lovely!

Design Lovely said...

Love that deer card. Lovely blog!

ballerina daydreams said...

i love all these images! ♥