Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rabbits in the Garden

Some bunny rabbits and soft petals from Etsy... 1.Mayflower Dress from SarahSeven (some dream dresses here!) 2. vintage bobby pins from Sprout Studio (I want these! bad!) 3. Mini Lop print set from O'Reilly Ink (I just can not get enough of this girls work!) 4. Daphne in the Garden II from Bayan Hippo 5. Bun Card from Caitlin Kuhwald 6.The Secret Garden Babydoll Tunic from Nostalgia (oh love I love it!) 7.Bunny from Badbird 8. Bunny Held in Hands from ARTerusaru 9. small bunny vase from Pretty Random Objects

I was given a another sweet award (wow, such lovely people out there!)! This time by the very dreamy Micaela and her escape The Drifter and The Gypsy!
Thank you lovely Micaela!

I wanted to share with some talented blogs that have a lot of lovely words to share with us...

I wanted to pass this onto Jennifer and her Random Ramblings! She is the sweetest and writes her life in a line of wonderful short stories that make you laugh, love, and see life's little adventures as fun amusement park rides. Truly, go read! (p.s. she also helps save animals, whats not fabulous about that?!)
The Piper Society. I find this Avery unique and lovely. And even though at times she will use few words they are strong. I like it here.
Five Feet Below. She writes and writes and you want to keep reading. A little verse, a little poem, a paragraph or two.
Impluse. She is full of words that can move you around. In her own tongue, "I drink up metaphors and chew on words." She is also crafty.
I admire those who can move with words! Thank you!

I was also tagged and still have to share my love for the book I'm reading. I will save for tomorrow!


ABCDErica said...

Those are such pretty findings and I love the vintage bobby pins as well! I think they've inspired me to make some of my own :)
Thank you, for that!

jules said...

Cute, rabbits are the best. I noticed you are from NC, represent! north carolina rules.

JMS said...

Thank you SO much, Em! OMG! This is the first "awesome blog award" I've ever recieved and it really made my day! It might seem silly, but it's so wonderful to know that my readers enjoy what I write. I know that I don't have anything truly profound to say (though occasionally, I guess I do) but I sure do love to write and "they" say to write about what you know; so I do.

I adore that little bunny held in hands (2nd to last)! I think I might need to purchase that one because it's so darn sweet and would be perfect in Little Bit's room!

Oh, the ideas I have for redecorating could fill a book - but the means...now that's a different story.

Thanks again!

You're such a wonderful person and I'm so glad to know you!

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Annabelle said...

oooh i love bunnies! peter rabbit was my childhood toy :-) now I have a bf called peter who has replaced him (coincidence - I think not!) haha but thanks for this post, reminded me of the lovely past :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww, I really loved the bunny cards or invites.. whatever they were. We used to have a bunny, but he ran away back to nature. Hopefully he's better there. =]

And thanks so much for your mention of my blog! You made my day.


Sunday's Pearl said...

You made sweet Jen's day with the award, and so now you have my love. Your blog does too,naturally:)

Avery said...

Your mention of me in your fine, fine blog made me so very very hapsical!

On a side note, I have been considering getting a pet rabbit for some time. But whatever would I name it?

Avery said...

You are absolutely right, a name from Watership Down would be absurdly perfect. Fiver, or Hazel... (The name 'Bigwig' is not something I would wish on a small rabbit just coming into the world and trying to make friends.)

ABCDErica said...

Oh, jeepers! Thank you! I am truly honored to be rewarded with this award and when I have more time, I will be sure to honor it better with a blog posting :) And yes, I'd be glad, apreciative, and any other synonyms for being thankful to share the "Blurred" posting.

Light and Writing said...

Jules - Yeah! new, sorta, but actually not that far from you. I think. I am lovin' it!
JMS - yes it is always the means that gets in the way! Otherwise, oh the things we could do!
Annabelle - Ah definitely not coincidence! More like fate!