Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday kind of Love

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I want a Sunday kind of love
A love to last past Saturday nightAnd I'd like to know it's more than love at first sight
And I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yea yeaI want a a love that's on the square
Can't seem to find somebody
Someone to care
And I'm on a lonely road that leads to no where
I need a Sunday kind of love
I do my Sunday dreaming, Oh yea
And all my Sunday scheming
Every minute, every hour, every day
Oh I'm hoping to discover
A certain kind of lover
Who will show me the wayAnd my arms need someone
Someone to enfold
To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow coldLove for all my life to have and to hold
Oh and I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yea yea yea
I don't want a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, Friday or Saturday
Oh nothing but Sunday oh yea
I want a Sunday Sunday
I want a Sunday kind of loveOh yea
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday kind of loooove

Sung by Etta James (oh my heart)
Photos hold the source, otherwise from weheartit

I hope you have a lovely kind of Sunday!


tigermilk said...

oh my goodness im writing that quote down.

"i want a sunday kind of love

one that lasts past saturday night"


Karrie said...

Beautiful! I love it :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Um, can I please have a baby goat?

P.S. I might totally link to this post soon.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

P.S. where are these images from??

Light and Writing said...

If you click on some of the photos it will take you to the source. Otherwise, they were found on the one with the goat was found there, but I am pretty sure it's a vogue photo.

Georgie said...


agnes said...

oh... how sweet this is. I adore your use of word dear :)

Cherie Cherie said...

i love that quoteee (L
& the photos are just goooorgeous!
do you take them yourself ?
adorable post (:



jules said...

Oh i love this, allot allot allot.

Light and Writing said...

Thank so much! I did not take them! I wish! As in the post the song is sung by Etta James and if you click on the photos they all come from various sources.