Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yellow Sun

These are some favorites (and some of my photos) from Flickr that are making me wish for those warm days of spring. Yellow sun and a sweet smelling breeze...


Here! for cradits and sources!


Julie said...

This is such a beautiful collection! I am so done with winter.

Mademoiselle C. said...

You are right! I feel so good when the sun is shining and when I see that Nature is waking up... =)

Nice photo.

agnes said...

aww.. how beautiful! i can definitely feel the sweet breeze too :)

Google said...

I love those flowers in the bucket!!


JMS said...

Ha! I wrote my post this morning before I read yours...are we on the same page or what?

♥ Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

heartshapedmorning said...

ohhh, what a gorgeous collection of images. they make me long for spring too! and thanks for your sweet comment, love.

jules said...

Spring Spring Spring! I am so ready for it