Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Frolic by the Lake

Since it is raining I thought I woud post some pictures of a fun day Bear, Sophie and I had last weekend when it was a tad warmer and the sun was out! We were just sitting around Sunday afternoon and decided to bum it with hats and all and go to a lake nearby to give Sophie some much needed frolicking time.

Do Not be alarmed! This is what happens when she gets super duper excited! And for some reason Bear throwing rocks into the lake was very very thrilling!

She had a very good time!
And so did we!
Maybe we can do more of this next weekend! ♥emma


Kelly said...

How fun! Your dog is adorable. I am doing a custom portrait now for a dog that looks very similar :)

Parallax said...

That looks like such fun -- I'm itching for good weather to get out and play myself.

ERRA-TRON said...

I love your blog.. It made my day.

=D thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello ma'am.

I think I have something you might enjoy. Check out my blog.

Tag, you're it!

Emily :-D

Anonymous said...

awww...i love sophie!!!! the picture of her jumping is priceless. she looks like she sure enjoyed herself. and you, too :)