Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My tumultuous feelings over Time Lapse Lifeline (Maria Taylor)

{Okay, this becomes a bit more than the song but it just kept coming out.}

This song for me is about wanting to do things differently. Wanting to have lived more. To have taken more moments of my life and to have them burned into my heart and my thoughts so that they could be clear and crisp for remembering. I hear it and I feel the tears, and the emotions they carry, at the back of my eyes and sitting in my throat. I have regrets, but even more than the feeling of regrets I have the realization that all the different stages of a life hold with them unique and special moments that do not move on with you. You know, those details that only childhood can bring, or college, or a first part-time job, a first kiss, a road trip with a friend, meeting the one, all those special steps with the one, you get it. I mean sure we have those memories (at least the ones we can recall) but I know those once-in-a-lifetime little moments and laughs and loves do not repeat themselves. This makes me sad. To think of those years and moments gone, except for what my mind strings together into a memory, is just sad.

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At the same time, I hear this song and think to myself what a wonderful thing to have the realization to take a breath in those moments and try as I might to store them away accurately for later. I think about all the amazing and once-in-a-lifetime moments that are yet to come, ones that I have not even been able to fathom and create in my imagination. That I have, at every turn, the opportunity for something new and brilliant and worthwhile to happen to me or for me to make happen! I have that, right ahead of me! How thrilling! So I am also happy and excited and filled with hope!

I want to be "new like spring!"

Maria Taylor HERE!

Okay and how fantastic is this video! I mean take away hitting the guy with water balloons and bashing in mailboxes and you have one magical day! The ladies out in party dresses (I would love to run around all day in party dresses, jumping in pools), the sun, the pool, carefree, magic!



Annabelle said...

Haha what a cute clip - it kinda looks like the guy who gets soaked with water balloons is smiling!

jayne said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and am completely enchanted with your whimsical look at the world. I would love to trade links?

I love Maria Taylor, but hadn't heard her new song. It is an intriguing concept. This song makes me feel somewhat remorseful that I didn't fully experience some of those supposed key moments, like graduations, the few good highschool friends I did have etc, yet I mostly agree with your second paragraph. there are so many more exciting changes and moments coming, its worth it!

Maggie May said...

your blog, your writing, so lovely!

Maggie May said...

..on closer reading i see we share an obsession with horses. i wrote a whole post on this recently called 'wild horses run free'

Pixie July said...

Oh my gosh - what a gorgeous video!! Aesthetically exhilerating! And such exquisite, thought-provoking lyrics... I loved your ruminations on them. I often find myself wallowing in bittersweet nostalgia. I went backpacking with my best friend last summer, and sometimes the memories are so wonderful that I feel so sad that I can never live anything like that again... Thanks for this. :) And thank you also for stopping by my blog! I am glad you share the love of purple and Disney! xxx

Fym said...

I feel sad too when I know those wonderful memories can only remain only as that. But again, everytime this strikes me, it'd remind me that life wont turn back & that every moment is precious... so live well. :-)

Btw I love the clip & the lovely rhythm of the song. it is kinda addictive!

And just wanna say, your blog is really amazing, with insightful words and beautiful pics that are so intriguing. Keep blogging!

lupe said...

So true , all our moments are once in a lifetime....all of them so precious.*´¯`·.¸.· *´¯`·.¸.·

Georgie Pelser said...

I think I need to purchase a party dress! Have a lovely weekend.