Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures and Words

I wanted to say "Thank you" because you all just don't know how wonderful it is sometimes to come to this place and read your kind words and learn of shared interests and to feel happy!

I also wanted to share this Photographer...

She has such lovely images. I felt calm and yet emotional all at once while browseing. You can find her here or she has an Etsy shop!

I also wanted to share these writers...


gina abelkop • heather bell • courtney j. campbell • pris campbell • roxanne carter • jane crown • jessica dawson • aleathia drehmer • katie elizabeth • lori jakiela • marie lascu • lisa latourette • dorianne laux • miriam matzeder • ellyn maybe • amanda oaks • kathleen paul-flanagan • elly portnoy • misti rainwater-lites • erin reardon • rebecca schumejda • linda smith • tammy trendle • erin wallace • amanda wheelock

Verve Bath
has such moving things to sink your eyes, heart, and imagination into. But the one on my wish list is Words Dance issue 12! I can't wait to get it! Just reading the reviews and the sample they have up gave me sweet chills. I think I may also get some of the $1 poems that the oh so talented Amanda Oaks has to offer. (I read a poem on her blog a while back that I just loved) I love a surprise! Next on my list there would be Fossil Fuels and Bloodlines! Check both of these out, you will not be sorry! Everyone could use some good and new poetry in their home!

p.s. I also just realized that Amanda can be found at Kind Over Matter. If you would like a happy moment, go here!

Have a magical night!


jules said...

oh those photographs are so beautiful, they have such a great vibe.

Avery said...

These are some great finds! I especially liked 'Kind Over Matter' (what a lovely name for a blog). Thanks for sharing.

I should also mention that everytime I visit your blog, I feed your fish a tonne. They're always quite hungry!!

Stacey Sargent said...

That first photograph is fabulous!

Im so glad to hear that your like me, and are the annoying girlfriend like I am the annoying wife. haha...but aren't fabulous boys just that?...fabulous!