Friday, May 22, 2009

H is for...


How can this one organ make so many choices for us? It does not think, it does not calculate, or reason. And yet many of our decisions are based on what our heart is feeling. A squeeze or a flutter. The feeling of your blood pumping quickly from it's center. It can make you walk away or it can convince you to stay. Your heart can pull tears down your face or lifts your lips in a smile. In this one muscle it provides you with passion and pain.
It can make you
sore, or
It can make you
light, or
Wild hearted or faint of heart

The heart has reasons which the reason cannot understand. ~Blaise Plascal

where the heart is
from the bottom of my heart
shot through the heart
hearts on fire
my heart hurts
deep down in your heart
oh, my heart be still
i (heart) you
my heart will go on
the heart wants what the heart wants
(click on the photo for it's source)

Sorry I have been so absent! Work has been very, very busy! But in a good way!
I miss being here though and seeing all the amazing things that people have to post on their own blogs! I am happy that it is now the weekend and I can browse!
A few people asked if I wrote the last post and I did. So thanks so much for the kind comments! I get nervous posting those types of things because they come from a real place and it is hard to put even little things like that out there.

I have been meaning to share two wonderful things I received in the mail recently.
First, I received this beautiful necklace in the mail a few weeks ago and I LOVE it! Cindy Hoo is so talented and makes amazing jewelry with a rustic touch! Her package was so adorable and perfect I almost didn't want to open it! But come, knowing this was inside? I opened! Her is site Here and Etsy Here!

And I was so thrilled to learn that I had won this t-shirt (the cute yellow sun! it says kiss below the sun!)from April at Secondsister Suaviloquy. It is a Ando and Friends shirt and it is so adorable! She is so sweet and has a really fun and touching blog. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells fun and lovely jewelry. I like this one a lot...
Well that is all for now my lovely bloggers. I hope to run into you around the internet this weekend!


ABCDErica said...

How beautiful!! That necklace is so adorable. I think my heart just ached when I read these lovely truths and Zooey Deschanel is just talented. I love her and M. Ward. I've always had my heart set on them getting together intimately, oh and my heart broke when I found out she was engaged to another, darn!

Sara said...

lovely post! I LOVE the last picture; it's perfect!

tori said...

wow. that is such an incredible post. i love every single one of those photos. and the things you got in the mail! i love them. i absolutely love this post.

Ara said...

I thought my heart was broken, but it's still beating... so maybe it's more like aching... But then it can still get excited, and my heart trembles... And for a few seconds earlyer my heart was singing with the birds in the sun. So maybe I'm okey. :)

alexandra jane said...

oh i love this post L&W. a very intriguing thought. :)

Julie said...

I love this collection of photos. Especially the umbrella.

Make it Easy said...

really nice!
i love those quotes you put about the heart

Quenchant of the Curious said...

a beautiful, thoughtful post. i love all the different sayings we have about/using "the heart".

Sunday's Pearl said...

This is one of my all time favorites of yours! I'm glad H was heart.
You wrote that that post??? O Emma, you are too creative for your own good! Though I am glad we're friends- I do love having gifted friends:)

setyourselfonfire said...

Ahhh i love Zooey. And i also love all of these pics!

byrheea said...

I love the tree pic.. so amazingly beautiful.. makes my heart sing. lalalalalaa~


Maria Elena said...

what a beautiful post. You are simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

beautiful!! I gave you an award for your lovely blog

Ashley Goes Vintage said...

This is an amazing post! thank you for sharing