Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bringing Kindred Spirits Together

I was doing some catch up reading on a few of my favorite blogs and found a fun site through Creature Comforts. Holly Becker from decor8 and Heather "Ez" Pudewa from Creature Comforts have put together a site called Kindred. The sites purpose is to be able to share both their work along with other artists creativity and passions. They hope to bring together both "accomplished and budding" artists and share their work with us! Their first project is "Wallpapered Together," which offers beautiful and unique wallpaper for your desktop that you can download. The cool part is that it is both free for the creator and for us! Don't you love that word! Especially when it comes to being able to have the work of those you admire in your home to appreciate everyday. They hope to offer new wallpaper by new amazing artists every season. I think its a wonderful idea and gives us all something to look forward to throughout the year. The artists chosen this season based their design off of the theme "Winter: Dreams" and they are all lovely. Go to Kindred, choose the design you like and enjoy! It's so easy! I chose Ez Pudewa's design first but I already know I will be switching it up all season long because I love them all!

Oh and make sure to read the "About Us" section I found it very moving and inspirational for the future of artists and creativity. Thank you Holly and Ez for sharing the passions that brought the two of you together as Kindred spirits!

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