Monday, November 17, 2008

The Makings of...

I am very excited to be starting this blog! I hope to post often which is due to my love of many, many things and my indecisiveness. What led me to posting is starting my shop Light and Writing over at I found etsy randomly through the magazine that I think we should all know and love: Domino. Well, actually Domino's website. They had a slide show of great art by some artists at Etsy. The thing I found so appealing is that it was affordable and I would be buying from the artist not a chain store. How cool! Once I found Etsy I was hooked. Hooked on the world of handmade and vintage finds. These are things I have always had a passion for but never had an outlet or source where I could browse or join in and feel comfortable and secure in front of my computer screen. There are so many amazing artists out there and etsy was only the beginning. I have discovered beautiful artwork, educational blogs, moving photographs, and inspirational stories! My only hope is to be involved in this world as much as I can!

A little bit about me and what you will find in future blogs is...
♥ I love Books! The smell, the feel, the words, the stories, the authors, and even the feeling of being in a bookstore!
♥I love photography! I hope to share my adventures in photography and my shop.
♥I love food. It is not just for sustenance people! It is beautiful and delicious. Especially the perfect sandwich. yum!
♥I really like animals. Horses, birds, dogs, cats, anything really. I wuve my dog-child Sophie!
♥Vintage is beautiful and makes my heart go pitter patter.
♥Christmas is the best holiday. Nothing compares to the sound of Christmas music, the smell of a lite tree, the hustle and bustle but in a merry way. It's great!
♥Coffee is sustenance people. Especially with a splash of hazelnut, caramel, or french vanilla.
♥Walks where you get to enjoy the current season, especially if a good picture moment occurs.
♥A good funny, stand up comics, funny movies, youtube.
♥A good laugh or a good cry are both clensing.
♥I can not wait to learn more crafts and skills so that my ideas can become reality.
♥I miss school (college not high school. Who was I in high school anyways?).
♥I Like fashion (I am a girl) but I strive to do it on the cheap and yet remain in style. It can be a tough road at times.
♥I really enjoy browseing artists work and creative ideas! Gets the juices flowing.
♥Keeping in touch with friends. It can be hard but so satisfying.
♥The smell of a backery (especially one with coffee) and the smell of my Italian father's kitchen. mmmmm!
♥My mom's friendship, my dads support, and my siblings love!
♥And most of all I am completely in love with cooking, watching movies, taking a drive, taking a nap, eating, watching the leaves turn, watching the first snow fall, watching the flowers come in, and playing with my dog-child Sophie because I do these things with my honey, Michael!

Okay, I think enough of your time has been taken. Above are a few of my recent photographs that are available in my shop. I also hope to be adding a 2009 calendar very soon. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you stay with me! Talk to ya later.


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Welcome to blogging... I hope you enjoy it...