Monday, November 24, 2008

Rochester and Back!

Hey there! I have already been a slacker. I said I would probably post often and here I am more than a week later. That is just pitiful. Although, I think I have a good reason. I just got back from a trip to Rochester, NY where I was visiting the boyfriends parents and getting in some snow time. But I am now back in NC where, although cold, it is only raining. But, I wanted to share some pictures I took while on my trip.

A snow laden beach on Lake Ontario near Rochester, NY. It was such a peaceful day. The snow was falling lightly and the breeze clean and fresh going in and out of my lungs.

A walk across the bridge over High Falls downtown.

Kodak. This was once Rochester's bread and butter.

This was a very cool industrial bridge. The little building in the center is interesting and I love the harsh, cold feeling for winter.

An amazingly large cemetery that took up both sides of the road. It housed a sweet little church and bell tower as well as many beautiful angel statues that I just fell in love with. This one is missing the tip of her right wing I hope from age and not from destructive kids, which is something I will never understand!

Me and my bear. We are not pissed or mean in this photo. The scenery in the background was just more important than being blinded, obviously.

I had a wonderful time in the snow. I will have a few pictures for sale up at Etsy of early winter in Rochester. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.


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