Sunday, January 18, 2009

A bit of Magic and Hope

I am in love. Denise Grunstein is absolutely wonderful. I stepped into other worlds as I browsed through her photographs. She uses her camera to make magic happen much as a magician waves his wand. Her images are romantic and tend to suck you into the fairytale that she is writing. I am awed and do not wish to return to Earth just yet. {click on the images for a larger view, worth it!}

p.s. I am very thrilled to share some news with you this glorious day. Many hearts have been broken over the thought of no longer snapping a instant photo. Saying "goodbye" to Polaroid seemed a sure thing. But, alas, there is hope in this crazy world. It seems as though Polaroid is saved! The plan is to restart production of analog integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010 thanks to the Impossible Project and Ilford photo. As well as a big thank you to Save Polaroid! Hip Hip Hooray!

p.p.s. as you can obviously see I have changed the layout to 3 columns. I am undecided as to if it is too crowded in here. Please share your thoughts. I like a clean, easy to read feeling and if it feels like too much it can easily be reversed. Thanks for you input!



La Belle Savage jewelry design said...

beautiful blog! I am so pleased to hear that Polaroid is saved! :D

JMS said...

Don't change a thing - your blog is perfect. Those photographs are absolutely stunning! I, too, was completely sucked in.

Glad to hear Polaroid has a future!


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful blog! i just found it and hope you don't mind that i've listed you among other beautiful blogs. best. melissa

Anonymous said...

Etsy Greetings!

Anonymous said...

P.S. (I am cautiously optimistic. Any old integral film will not do. I quite dislike, for instance, Artistic Time-Zero. I am interested in the possibility of a b/w integral film. I'm also interested in an exact copy of Time-Zero. Until I hear this group say that they have the licenses for the good stuff, my optimism is tempered.)

Anonymous said...

What great photographs!! I must admit that I liked to old 2 columns better. I liked the airy whiteness from before. :-D Just my opinion. Have a good day!!

Light and Writing said...

Thanks everyone for your very sweet comments!La Belle- me too!
JMS-Thanks! being sucked into another world is the best.
Counting dandelions you too have a lovely blog and Of Course I don't mind!
equivoque-it's a waiting game now
PoshMomma-Yeah, i think i feel the same way! clean and white and airy! Thanks!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Wow, what a beautiful blog you have!! I love!!