Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Longing

I felt like sharing some favorites of mine from Etsy. There is so much talent over there and my heart flutters with longing as I search. All of the following are on a wish list. 1}kitten and feather probably becasue I am longing for a kitten and Sharon's work is beautiful 2} this rustic floral etched necklace is so feminine and lovely 3}this little collect and carry pouch is perfectly lacey and natural at once 4} the sweet hair pin set, i would love to slip these into my hair in the morning 5} I love ACEO cards and this Superb Tea print would look precious in my kitchen.

Tabitha Emma

Sigh! Have a wonderful Saturday!


JMS said...

I'm truly loving your blog!!! I think it's so exciting to find people who love beautiful things!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my other blogs!


w said...

wow! that kitten and feather is amazing. thanks for the intro to her shop!

TexNan said...

Excellent picks. I love posts about cool things on Etsy, love your blog too. Thanks, JMS, for leading me here.

poshmomma said...

O I love CindyHoo!! Great picks!