Friday, January 16, 2009

Living in photographs with my dog and my cat!

I am so in love with this! Stephanie Hanes ~ Prop Stylist! I want to live in every single one of these photographs!

Plus (+) I desperately want a kitty cat! I love my Sophie, she is my best of friends. She has been with me through lonely times and hard times. She is loyal and loving and has personality out the wazoo!

But i would love a sweet kitty to purr when I arrived home along side Sophie's waging rear (her tail is very short so the whole back side just goes to town!). I really think Sophie would love one too! She used to salivate and obsess over a friends cat. But in a completely non i-want-to-eat-you kind of way. Just obsessed. Their little feet and whiskers. The way they lounge out in the sun and bat at your hand during play time. Precious!



The_Frustrated_Writer said...

Gosh they are all beautiful pics, can't pick a fave one!

byrheea said...

As usual, loads of beautiful pics. Always feel good reading your blog :)

JMS said...

I know of a very beautiful tail-less maine coon mix that needs a home. Of course, he's in Knoxville, TN - so you might have to drive some.

Check out "Big Boy" on