Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Cutest Crusader!

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

This little girl is so awesome! If she does not keep you on the edge of your seats nothing will!
Oh little Capucine, you are my hero.
Her other videos are just as precious and she and her mom have put her popularity and cuteness to good use. They are raising money along with edurelief to buy books and help hundreds of children in Mongolia receive a better education. Here you will find a video and further explanation and information about "Capucine's Library" and edurelief. They have adorable t-shirts and buttons (or just simple donations) to assist in this mission. This is my favorite, "The problem is, that I love you." {they also have shirts in english}
Sunday Reads:
My plan is to finish The Zookeeper's Wife today and get myself detached from this computer. Next I plan to start on this:
My brother gave it to me for Christmas and it will be number two in my 2009 resolution goal. Only 98 more to go!


nuvonova said...

Oh you must do a review on your books.. I love reading reviews and always looking to read new titles.

(I'm currently in a Twilight phase - you must read those!)

p.s. ... my polka dots are socks!

katy said...

it's amazing to watch the places a child's mind travels!

poshmomma said...

OMG! She is the cutest kid! I tell my beau daily that we're moving to France so that our daughter will speak french; now I want that a million times more. Too cute!
And congrats on starting book 2, as am I.

sassyglassdesigns said...

OMG...what a cutie. If she can't raise money, no one can. Love your post and your shop.

Cloud Nine Creations said...

That was so adorable and entertaining! I was so intrigued by what would happen next!

byrheea said...

Hey thank you for your comment. I've mentioned you in my blog today. Go take a look! ;)

Btw, I realised there's a spelling mistake in your profile name, Light and 'Wiritng'. Pardon me if you delibrately spelled it that way. Love your blog anyway! :)


Light and Writing said...

Thanks everyone for stopping in and leaving lovely comments (& some helpful ones hehe!)! I could watch this little cutie again and again!