Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reasons to be Happy!

Some things that have made me happy this week...

And well just jumping in general!
Candelabra from Anthropologie (a fairytale!)
drawing on plates so neat, and turns out so lovely! found at Leslee Creighton Designs

Alyson's ( unruly-things
) teeny tiny seashell collection gathered in the Philippines! I have a new goal Philippines and shell gathering!
The work of Jude McConkey. So beautiful and so haunting. that light!
My evening walks with Sophie!! Most of All!



Times And Chimes said...

Everything is so soft and lovely and fine!

byrheea said...

Your 'jumping theme' reminds me of an etsy seller's paintings I came across y'day. Totally in love with the beautiful art.

Here is one of them :)

Beth said...

Great pictures. I love the dishes candelabra and the dog picture. We also have a boxer.

JMS said...

I love that candelabra! It's just exactly the kind of thing I'd have in my home! Oh, and also the most perfect gift ever for my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, I don't have the nearly $400.00 it would take to place it nicely on my table.

So beautiful, though. And I can live vicariously through your soft and lovely blogs!


Light and Writing said...

Thanks everyone! nice find byrheea thanks!
We are lucky girls Beth, boxers are the best.
Jennifer, yeah I live vicariously through my posts as well. tehe!