Friday, February 13, 2009

Without a Word

This song was actually on a mix tape that my sweets made for me very early on in our relationship. He put it together so that I would know how he felt about me, about us. Each song expressed different emotions and told different stories that he wanted to share. When I listened to the cd I thought it was so moving and emotional. It was perfect, it fit me. I thought this song was so different and it told me a lot about him, as I was still (am) learning. Even now this song (and the entire cd he made) chokes me, it just grabs my heart and takes my breath and I know who I am with!
The song is written phonetically to portray the human voice as an instrument. The words are not real, they are a made up language by the writer Karl Jenkins. Ironically, the title Adiemus (which to Karl's knowledge was made up) literally means "we will draw near" in Latin (with slight spelling differences)! How beautiful to think such a moving song was chosen to say something to me without really using any actual words! Bear (I call him Bear) has said from the start of our relationship, just as the song title states, that we would be together, he just knew it. He knew that we would draw near and I never want to be apart! I love you Bear!
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the rest are from weheartit (and i was unable to trace back further than another blog) and movie stills

I hope to carry on Love posts. It won't be everyday, since I am dying to post some things I have found, but it surely lifts spirits and makes the world seem brighter, therefore I must! Just remember, One of the loveliest parts of love is the falling. The new butterflies and that first kiss. Not being able to wipe that smile of bliss from your lips. The first touch of your hand in theirs and how you fit so perfectly. That smile and look from someone when you can see they are falling for you too. This is a wonderful part of love, so if on this Valentines day you are without a sweetheart, just remember you are lucky because those moments and those feelings are still ahead of you! And if you are with someone today, I hope you look back and recall those special flutters and twinkling eyes! Enjoy your day and Love you all! emma


ABCDErica said...

Happy Valentines Day! Those are beautiful words, pictures, and that song is nice, intense :)

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous post! perfect for this time of year. and thank you thank you thank you for the award! you are too lovely.

jules said...

All of those photos are beautiful! Such an inspiring post, I am quite enamored with your blog!

Stacey Sargent said...

love this post. those photos are amazing!

Julie said...

You really did save the best for last. This is such a beautiful post.

And thank you so much for the award! That means so much to me as I am such an admirer of your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I discover your blog, I like it! it's just a really great idea to talk about Love!! it's so lovely.... LOVE LOVE LOVE

naomi megan. said...

ugh. all these photos make me sick!!! i love them all!