Thursday, February 12, 2009

Secret Crushes! I ♥ U!

I have a secret. I have not told a single soul and that is hard for me to do. But this secret is important and very big. I want to tell you though. I want to share my big secret with you.I wanted to tell you that I like you. I like you and you make me laugh and laugh. And I don't know why.
I wanted to tell you I take the street with the scary yellow house to school because that is the street you take.
The reason I play with laser swords and footballs is because that is what you play with.I like you and I think we should walk to school together. And then take a different street home so that we can stop and get ice cream pops! I hope you like me too!click on the images for the source

I love little crushes. I saw this on rockstar diaries (you need to go here, she is fun and lovely. And knows how to dance!)
It's a perfect little film directed by michelle lehman, last year's tropfest austrailia winning film. It's worth the watch. Come on Girls, don't let those boys break our hearts! ♥emma


Anonymous said...

Hi Emma!
This is soooo cute! I love reading your blog.... it takes me away to that"happy" place! :o)

Keep up the great work!


linnea said...

Ooh :o) I loved that video, and your story. I definitely agree with the "happy place" comment left before me.

Julie said...

What a great film! I'm loving your love posts.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

What a lovely post and i just love your blog too - i love stumbling across little gems, and you just happen to be one of them :)

Annabelle said...

Ooh that is adorable!! The post and the vid. Thank you! Happy Valentines Day

Annabelle said...

I'm absolutely stealing the video to feature on my profile. Is that okay? You will get much recognition for introducing it to me though!!

Light and Writing said...

Thank you! You are all so sweet! Reading others blogs and posting here is a happy place for me. I am really enjoying coming up with Love posts for Valentines. I may have to keep it up now and then even after the date of Looove!
Annabelle, "steal" away! It's all yours! I love the way things get passed along in blog world!
Have a lovely day!

Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVE that little film!!!! thank you for sharing :) your posts are so cute.

Karrie said...

My goodness, I love it! Your posts are so cute and calming. Yes, you have to keep them going :] I couldn't get over some of the pictures..they are sooo adorable :)

JMS said...

This was wonderful! It's such a feel good moment!

BTW, I've been meaning to ask you - how do you do those little hearts? It's killing me that I can't figure it out!

Love ya!
Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

cuteseas said...

this is so adorable and the video is too funny!

Anonymous said...

awww...this is so absolutely cute. oh and btw, i have given your blog an award. check my blog to see it :)

Light and Writing said...

I am so happy you guys are enjoying the love posts! And yeah this video is the best.
Jennifer - all you have to do is hold down the alt key and then press the 3 key on the number pad. All the numbers on the pad make a like design with the alt key. it's very cute. You could make smiles ☺ or a surprise face ☻ (well i think he looks surprised)♥em