Thursday, March 19, 2009

Belly Love!

I wanted to share an amazing blog and photographer with you. Ryan Marshall is honest and open in his telling of his, his wife's, and his adorable step-sons journeys in life before a new baby! You fall into a wonderful rhythm while reading his posts! He seems to hold nothing back and I can't get enough! I have actually gone back to the beginning to read forward. This man could seriously just print out these pages and have a book that I wouldn't put down until it left me wanting more. So appropriately titled Pacing the Panic Room, this blog has become a fast favorite.
To top it all off he is a wonderful photographer! To see his work go here. The best work of all, I believe, is the weekly photos of his wife and her growing belly! She is gorgeous so that makes things a tad easier. He captures these moments and then jots little weekly notes to their child next to them. How sweet and what a precious keepsake! Go Here! Actually, before you do check out these images!Okay, now Go Here! and have a fun night! ♥Emma


elsiee said...

i haven't even gone yet and I'm already hooked!! thanks for sharing!

Caroline D. said...

what a great find! Thanks!

Karrie said...

Thanks for sharing Emma! I am going to check it out when I have a few extra mins since I have a feeling I will be there a while!
Have a great weekend!!

judÄ— said...

wow.. absolutely beautiful photographs. Going in for a good read now. Thank you so much for the blog on him!

Anonymous said...

ah gorgeous! thats so sweet. i'd love to have a husband like that.
can't wait to see your version of the tag tomorrow :)

The Panic Room said...

This is easily the sweetest and most flattering thing I have personally ever read about Pacing the Panic Room and my family. I read it to my wife right now and double checked with her, and she agrees. It definitely is :)

A huge thank you from us, you made our night.