Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Musicians and their Music

Hello there. I just wanted to share some things that I find very inspiring and creative. I love finding new music and search for it often. I also really enjoy stumbling upon musicians that really put everything they have into making the music they love! I have found a few musicians on You Tube that I really adore! The two below both have music and/or albums you can purchase (links will be below). But what I find most interesting is that in many of their videos they create all, yes all of the sounds you hear. That's back-up singers and instruments! Very cool!

The first is Julia Nunes. Her site is HERE, where you can purchase a cd or you can just listen to her more Here. The song is actually by Say Anything but I love it. And the second half of the video she lets you know about some concert dates. So if you are anywhere near those places you should go! I am not and that makes me sad.

This next one is Nataly Dawn. She sings with such a sweet voice! She also does some covers and also has music you can purchase or just listen to all afternoon Here. This video is actually a collaboration with her boyfriend (Jack also has some awesome stuff Here!) and they go by the name Pomplamoose and you can listen to and purchase their music Here.

Here is just one I like by Nataly. Shows some of her funny side.

Have a nice night! ♥Emma


thedrifterandthegypsy said...

thanks for all the music suggestions! i'll be sure to check these all out. i'm already beginning to be a fan of Nataly. and also, i've tagged, you dear :)

olivet said...

Oh my goodness these are wonderful!! I just listened to all three and I love them... Thanks - great finds!