Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Horse Ride - a true story

Sunlight shown down through the few maple trees in the field between wood and wood. It lite up her hair gold and made the grass glow a kelly green.

The two horses waded through the thin blades in the small clearing. She led the way on hers, the one more confident. His followed, and he was happy to see the light in her hair.

The morning dew shined the tips of their toes and made her shiver a bit in the shade.

He could see though that she felt content, swaying her hips in a circular motion to the horses four beat walk. As the horse stretched his neck down to quickly break off a piece of the sweet grass with only a slight hesitation in his step, he heard her laugh.

He watched, content to still be following, as she raised her chin and watched the sky moving above them, clouds stretching and bending in the blue.

He was happy to follow so that he would be able to see her face when she turned and said, "This is my favorite day!" And he smiled back as she turned and led them into the shadows of leaves and branches.

(click on the image for the sources I had otherwise they were found on weheartit, and I would love a source if you know it!)

Thank you everyone so very much for your Birthday Wishes! It made my day all the more sweet!
I have decided that the 3 words super, duper, and cute are now banned from my posts for the rest of March. I have used it in the last 3 and that is just too much! I don't use them that much in real life to have posted them so excessively.
I also realized that I did not tag anyone. This will be my b day wish, I will not not tag, but I hope others will join in this jaunt down picture folder lane.
And as it turned out I did not get my I Need It size of ice cream. They were closed! Can you believe it! So I went to Starbucks instead. It turned out very neat because the girl overheard me speaking with my dad and upgraded me to a Venti! And she drew a little red balloon with a "Happy Birthday" on the cup! A White Chocolate Mocha satisfied my sweet tooth.
Have a very nice Day! Emma


E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

Oooh! I'm late to the party, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

ABCDErica said...

How very sweet of her! And yes, I know what you mean! But instead of using it excessively through posts, I say cute all the time in real life. It is a habit of mine as well as ending things with -y and -ie. It just sounds more adorable that way...but it can be annoying as well!

Karrie said...

Glad to hear you had a good Bday. I would have been so bummed if my ice cream place was closed :( but it all turned out good and that women at the coffee place..nice to know that there are still people out there that care. Love the story too!!

Kelly said...

These photos are truly stunning! I love the story that goes along with them. Seriously! You sure have a talent!

Anonymous said...

I love how you post the nicest photos! They always make my day. Happy (belated) Birthday!

jules said...

Ohh so pretty!