Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Winds

move wind chimes of course! From Botanicraft

bring flowing poetry that can also put a breeze on you face! From Bibliophilia

create power! Print from Soul Set Free To Fly

allow for flowing dresses! From Magnolija Dress

bring beautiful, fast moving clouds! Art by Robert Foster

are perfect for kite flying! Print from Two Guitars

carry a little birds song to your ears! Card from Story by Mia

apparently can teach you new languages! Shirt with the word "wind" in different languages from Salts

blow poppies to and fro! From Cocos Greenhouse

I can not wait until these March winds turn into lovely, fragrant spring flowers!


sarah said...

I'm loving that dress (although too much wind and you're giving a peep show) and the Robert Foster piece reminds me of Scarlett O'Hara reflecting on Tara.

Pansieberry said...

beautiful! i love the copper jewelry in the last picture.

Cindy said...

Great finds! I have some new favorites now. Happy Birthday...a little late.

ERRA-TRON said...

Thesae pics are adorable =D

yes thats a plan.. if only I had the outfits. *sighs*

tehe =D

JMS said...

I love that poppy necklace! So beautiful!

Both my kids have March birthdays (and you do, too...right?). March is a lovely month.

Too bad I have such trouble finding an Aquamarine ring I like that isn't hundreds of $$!

♥ Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Karrie said...

I love the windchimes! I seem to have a windchime and clock fettish....don't ask :/ LOL! Hey my sons bday is this month too!

Sunday's Pearl said...

Hello, my pretty! I left a present for you on my site. It is yours for the taking... and the sharing if you like.