Tuesday, January 12, 2010

List of "Will Do's" for 2010

A little late but hey better late then not at all! I know there will be more added but for now these are my goals for 2010! I Will...

Take more pictures! On a daily basis. Ones that document my days and capture the things I see.

Call my family more!

Become more bold with my clothing style!
Not to change it but have more fun with it. This includes wearing cute tights.

Finish crafts and projects!
this includes making homemade cards for thank yous, birthdays, etc. Start a scrap book (I have not done this in so long!)

Get in better shape! and this is linked with buy a cute bathing suite. (I have not bought one in a couple of years!)

Keep my clothes and jewelry more organized!

Try my hand at knitting!

Write! My thoughts. Adventures. Good moments. Good things. a sentence a day maybe?

Make more Jewelry!

Travel somewhere new!

Visit more antique and thrift stores!

Fingers Crossed!
Love ya,


Daydream Lily said...

Great lists!! I think my list would include alot of these too. I havent brough a bathing suit for a few years either, hopefully this will be the year I finally get in shape!!

Jennifer said...

I left something for you on my blog :)

Rhiannon Banda-Scott said...

We have such similar lists :) I love your blog too. Eeee! We should be friends! xx

SueƱo said...

Seems like a great list C:

sobinique said...

Love your list! Every single thing in here could be in mine as well!

thea said...

YAY! I shall hold thumbs for you :)



Sarah said...

Changing habits and staying discipline isn't strictly for the New Year. We can make the choice whenever we desire - I'm glad you're taking a bolder step into all these endeavors. :)