Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Little List

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with inspiration! Is that even possible? I just see things that are beautiful and I want to bring those ideas, projects or designs into my life. I want to learn how to do more crafts and projects! I am working on a goals list for 2010 and the hard part is narrowing it down to something that is doable. Here are a few things that I really like right now. And I am sure a few will show up on my list!

I love this. It's subtle, wintery and I want to out on the town (while snowing) and then come home and cuddle with my love! (via Creature Comforts)

Ahhhhh...a romantic bedroom (and exposed brick to boot!) (via Belle Maison)

I love this dress, this wedding, this photographer and this photograph!
(visit Sheena Jibson Photography)

I really like tights. I just don't feel like I can pull off outfits with tights! 2010 goal maybe?
(picture from Fashion My Legs on Flickr, via Darling Dexter)

January is the perfect month for layering! I love layered looks!
(from A.P.C. via Olivet)

I will work on my list and share as soon as it is complete! I can feel 2010 being a good year!
I just know it!
love, Emma


jess. said...

that first little collage is amazing, i really love it. And the one with the red tights is great aswell!

sheena said...

thank you:)

love your blog!

Stuck In Sepia Film said...

Wow, what a bright and optimistic post :)
I like it!

The Owl Diary said...

thanks for sharing the inspiration.
i love all the photographs. so pretty.

Megan said...

I think I need a pair of red tights. Lovely photos <3

Celeste said...

I just bought myself a pair of grey tights!! I'm attempting to go bold LOL. I'll work the red ones in a little later :) I love the post...and you're blog! I just stumbled upon it.